We have been breeding crossbredsheep for many years.
We purchased a goat dairy near Warwick Queensland, 5 years ago and then thought seriously about milking sheep.
We purchased some commercial east friesian rams and ewes to cross with our flock.
We were so impressed with the breed that we decided to purchase some stud ewes.
 Much time was spent researching this breed to ensure that I new as much as possible about them.
For years I had been admiring Prospect East Friesians on the web.
Finally after 5 years, I decided to contact Nereda Brand of Prospect East Friesians in Victoria.
 It was my lucky day!
Nereda was downscaling her flock.
I was fortunate enough to buy 44 stud ewes and 6 rams to kickstart our stud.
Our stud name "Perspective" means "future prospect", very fitting I think, although is still pending with the ASSBA.


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