Raising Money For A Charity through  Noah’s Thoroughbred Racing Pigs is highly recommended.


We have raised over $500,000 in the last decade for deserving organisations.

This year we have raised over  $70,000 so far.

We encourage your committee to do this by way of

Sweeps: Sell tickets before each race, draw out a ticket for each pig in the race, winner is ticket holder of pig that wins race.

Calcutta: Auction each pig before each race, all money pooled, generally 1/2 goes to winner, 1/2 goes to charity.

Sponsorship: It is a great idea to get sponsorship for any prizes required

Sponsorship - highly recommended

Race Sponsorship: get sponsorship from local businesses for each race (generally 4-6 races /day).

The sponsored race is then named after the business, ie  “ Brisbane Hardware Pickled Pork Plate” or  “ ABC Accountants Apple Sauce & Crackling Dash”.


 Pig Sponsorship: get sponsorship from local businesses for each pig ( generally 5-7 pigs).

The sponsor then gets a pig in each race.

It is recommended to get a logo/tag that we can then pin to the jacket of the pig.

Better still it can be embroidered onto the jacket and then the sponsor can get to keep the jacket.




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