The Race - It is not always the fastest pig that wins the race, it is sometimes the smartest pig.

Usually in a deep sleep, our pigs hear the Bugle Call and they hurriedly run into their starting box to await the commencement of the race.

The crowd claps as the piglets run into their starting box ready for the big event.

As the crowd counts backwards from 5 the piglets take up their positions eagerly awaiting the opening of the starting gate.

Their off and racing down Dunlop straight jumping through tyres in their brightly coloured jackets, each trying to get through each tyre first.



As they  continue around the course they get to a trigger gate that is closed......

The piglets all bunch up and wait for the smartest pig to trigger the gate by putting itís snout in a small bowl of milk.

As the piglet pushes down to drink the milk, the gate is triggered, it opens....

The crowd roars as they open the gate.

 Theyíre are off again, each trying to outrun the other.

They negotiate through a maze of hay bales, zigging and zagging or just jumping over them.

Now they arrive at yet another trigger gate once again closed...




This one is different .... A weight triggered gate.

This gate will not open until all of the pigs are up the top of the ramp together.

They try to get through the gate, but they cannot until the pig standing on the bottom end of the ramp moves up. It finally opens.

Egged on by the crowd cheering for their favourite, the piglets continue around the course at an amazing speed.

They negotiate the upcoming ramps and increase speed . Up and over ramp number 1, up and over ramp number 2.

A couple of pigs get left behind  because they

didnít have enough speed.

The crowd yells as they have to renegotiate the ramps, while the other 4 take the lead.

Continuing through a couple of drums they run

until they reach.............



The Finish Line!

The piglets frantically look for the trough that has the milk in it. With 3 or 4 troughs (some hidden or on hay bales), they use their noses to try and find  which trough has the milk.

The crowd is screaming for their pig, telling it which trough to go to.

The gold jacketed pig (running last) sticks his nose in the air and sniffs out the milk.

The other still frantically trying to find the milk see the gold jacketed pig racing to a trough. They all race to beat the gold pig to the finish line. The crowd is screaming even louder, trying to encourage their favourite.

The pigs are neck and neck, trotter to trotter, racing for the trough.....finally they reach the finish line, pushing and shoving to get their snout in the trough first..... The green jacketed pig wins by a short half snout!!




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